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Boat Registration Numbers
12"x3" Vinyl Decals

3" boat and jet ski registration numbers.
Boat Registration Numbers
24"x3.5" Vinyl Decals

Large boat registration for large boats and watercraft.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the charge for shipping?
A. All products listed on this site come with free shipping.

Q. How long does it take for my order to ship?
A. All orders are shipped via USPS First Class Mail within 1 business day.

Q. Are there faster shipping options available?
A. Yes. We can ship via UPS and USPS and we utilize all available options. IF you would like to make adjustments to the method of shipping you chose on the checkout page, please call us toll free at 866-769-7446 and we can make the adjustment to your order.

Q. How do you install the vinyl graphics?
A. The die cut vinyl lettering is very easy to install. Please view our page dedicated proper installation by visiting the following web page: Installation Instructions.

Q. How long should I expect these to last?
A. Our die cut vinyl graphics are designed for 7 years of continuous outdoor use. Most likely, unless your boat is permanently moored, they will last much longer. We have several clients who have stated they outlasted the boat.

Q. Do they come in different colors?
A. Yes, we offer many colors to choose from. Please view the specific boat registration number product page for more details.

Q. Can I choose a different font or typeface for my boat registration number stickers?
A. Yes, we have many different type styles to choose from. The font and color chooser are available on the product pages.

Q. Are they sold in sets of two or are they sold in singles?
A. The quantity is sold in singles. If you need one for each side of the boat hull, please select 2 as the quantity. If you just need one replacement, please select one as the quantity.

Q. What size to the numbers need to be in order for my watercraft to be compliant with the US Coast Guard.
A. The lettering needs to be in a contrasting color and be 3 inches in height.

Q. Can I use my receipt as proof of purchase for the watercraft registration numbers.
A. You may get a break if you show this to the officer, your watercraft is not compliant unless the numbers are properly affixed to the hull of your boat. We do not suggest going out on the water without your registration number properly displayed on the hull of your boat.

Q. Where should I install the boat registration number stickers?
A. They need to be affixed to the nose of the boat, on both sides of the hull, well above the waterline in order for you to be compliant with the US Coast Guard Standards.

12"x3" Boat Numbers
24"x3.5" Boat Numbers
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