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Boat Registration Numbers
12"x3" Vinyl Decals

3" boat and jet ski registration numbers.
Boat Registration Numbers
24"x3.5" Vinyl Decals

Large boat registration for large boats and watercraft.
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Boat Registration Number Installation
Please review the following installation instructions

Step 1. Receipt of order.
Please carefully unpack your order and verify the registration number is correct. They way they are produced, there is 3 layers of material. The first layer is masking tape, the second layer is the actual vinyl graphics, and the third layer consists of the carrier sheet for the vinyl decals. If the number is not correct, please verify that you typed the number correctly by checking the receipt you were sent via e-mail from our payment processor.

Step 2. Preparation of the surface.
Using a mild detergent and water, clean the area you wish to install the vinyl lettering on. Gently remove any wax build up or dirt with a soft cloth, taking care not to scratch the surface of your watercraft. Please, do not use any abrasive-type cleaners. Once the surface is clean and dry, inspect it to ensure you will have a dust free application. If dirt, debris or dust is in between the vinyl graphics and the surface of the boat, it will show as bubbles in the vinyl.

Step 3. Determine the placement.
The standard place to position the vinyl graphics would be on the hull of the boat, a few feet back from the nose and above the waterline. If you are still unsure about placement, take a look at a boat that already has the numbers affixed and model your positioning based on that.

Step 4. Applying the vinyl graphics.
Place the vinyl graphic on a hard, flat surface that is free of any bumps. Take a hard plastic card and in a back and forth motion, press the whole graphic down. This activates the low tack adhesive that is in the masking tape. The masking tape holds the vinyl together so that you can install the numbers as if they are one solid piece. Once you have completed this, peel back the masking tape an inch or so. This should release the numbers from the carrier sheet. Cut off the 1-2 inches of space you peeled from the masking sheet off of the bottom carrier sheet. At this time, you should have your original vinyl graphics with an inch or so exposed. With the inch of cut material, stick a corner of the exposed vinyl graphic on to the surface where you would like for the graphic to be adhered to. With one finger on the adhered corner, position the vinyl graphic where you would like it on the boat and tack down the remaining 2 inches of the graphic. At this time, while holding the remainder of the graphic at a 90 degree angle to the surface, peel the rest of the bottom carrier sheet away from the masking tape and the vinyl numbers. Carefully apply the remainder of the vinyl to the surface using an up and down motion, moving from one side to the other. When this is completed, simply peel off the masking tape from the surface and the numbers should remain. If you have any bubbles, you can remove them by popping the edge of the bubble with a needle and moving the air out of the vinyl from one side to the other. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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